Board of Civil Authority / Board of Abatement


The Board of Civil Authority is responsible for the following: to assist with the running of elections, to maintain the voter checklist, to participate in state district reapportionment, to hear and decide tax assessment appeals, and to serve as a member of the Board of Abatement. The Board of Abatement acts upon requests for abatement of property taxes and water and sewer charges.

A majority of the board must be present in order for the board to meet, and a majority of that number must vote in favor of a motion to abate. Note that unlike most municipal boards, the Board of Abatement (BOA) acts with a concurrence of a majority of the quorum of the board.

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Find more information about the Board of Civil Authority and Board of Abatement at the Vermont Secretary of State website.


The Board of Civil Authority (BCA) consists of the Justices of the Peace, Selectboard Members and Town Clerk. The Board of Abatement (BOA) is made up of all of the BCA members plus the Town Treasurer.