Milton Disc Golf Snow Throw Tournament

Thank you for playing in the third annual Milton Disc Golf Snow Throw! $500 was raised and will go toward Milton Disc Golf Course updates and maintenance. Make sure to Purchase a Snow Throw 2024 Special Edition Disc before end of day on Tuesday, February 20! $10 per disc purchased will go toward course updates and maintenance.

Men's Division Roster & Results

1Shane Seals43-11
2Derick Marquardt47-7
3Christian Garey48-6
T4Garrett Allard49-5
T4Charles Spock49-5
6Derrek Eckhardt50-4
7Pete Bruhn51-3
8Paul Seyler53-1
T9Tyler Jarrett540
T9Thomas Limanek540
11Nathan Ertle56+2
T12Steve Ertle57+3
T12David Harnois57+3
14James Sestokas58+4
T15Henry Mauck59+5
T15Christian Rocheleau59+5
T15Patrick Jeffries59+5
T15Justin Bassett59+5
T19Andrew Farrar62+8
T19Andrew Patterson62+8
T19Nolan Rocheleau62+8
T19Anthony Morse62+8
T23Alex Gambero63+9
T23Brad Vaughn63+9
T23Donnie Sartwell63+9
T26David Havens65+11
T26Fred Kopitzke65+11
T28Russ Patterson66+12
T28Scott Allard66+12
30Alex Runnels72+18

Women's Division Results

1Tricia Gustafson69+15
2Sylvie shanks70+16
3Christina Allard85+31

Milton Town Forest Project Completed

After years of work by our dedicated Conservation Commission volunteer members, the final leg of the Milton Town Forest ADA Trail Project has been completed! The parking lot and main access point to the trail at 599 Westford-Milton Road is now open for use. This project further extends the graded five-foot-wide ADA-compatible trail another 1,350 feet to the future location of a viewing platform that will be adjacent to an existing natural marsh area.

New Section of Milton Town Forest ADA Trail Completed

Bombardier Park Trails Map & Mountain Bike Trails

The Bombardier Park Trails Map (PDF) has been updated, and re-blazing has been completed on all of the multipurpose trails at Bombardier Park West. Please note that some trail blaze colors have changed to improve overall wayfinding.

Improvements are ongoing, such as expanded Mountain Bike Trails, enhanced signage, a finalized map, and more. We welcome any feedback, and if you are interested in volunteering to assist with these trails, please email Milton Recreation for more information.

Mountain Bike Trails are now open for public use at Bombardier Park! These trails are still in development, but are officially open for public use. Please use at your own risk and follow rules as posted at the trails. For more information and to volunteer or donate, email Milton Recreation.

Click the photos below to view the trail map and rules.

Bombardier Park Trails Public Map
Mountain Bike Trails Rules
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