Animal Control

Calls to Animal Control are routed through Milton Police Dispatch at 802-893-2424.

Ordinance for the Care and Control of Dogs in the Town of Milton (PDF)

What do I do if my dog ran away?

Contact police dispatch at 802-893-2424 to be connected with a police officer or animal control officer. If your dog has been picked up by the Town of Milton you will be given information as to the location of the dog.

What do I do if my dog is in the Town's dog shelter?

If a dog was running at large and was picked up the town's animal control officers or a police officer it will be transferred to the town's dog shelter, also know as the "pound." If you have been told your dog is at the pound call the Pound Keeper, Walter Cross, at 893-4297 and identify the dog. The Pound Keeper will provide further instructions as to the return of your dog.

What conditions must be met to receive my dog from the pound keeper?

All dogs leaving the pound must meet the following conditions:

  1. Have proof of current rabies vaccination by a qualified veterinarian
  2. Be registered with the Town Clerk
  3. All fines and/or fees must be paid in full or a satisfactory arrangement made