Dog Licenses


Per Vermont state law, all dogs aged 6-months and older must be registered by April 1st each year. If you become a dog's owner after April 1st, you will need to license the animal within 30 days.

Dog licenses are available at the Town Clerk’s Office. A current rabies certificate and payment are required. You may register/renew in-person, by mail, through the 24-hour drop box at the front of the Municipal Building, or by email. Please provide the following:

  • A copy of the most current Rabies Certificate
  • Payment

You may register/renew online by (1) submitting the online form, (2) uploading the current Rabies Certificate and (3) providing online payment.

If received by mail, drop box, email or via the online form, we will process the dog license and mail it back along with the new tag.



January 1st through April 1st each year:

  • Spayed/Neutered - $9.00 per animal (proof of Spay/Neuter required)
  • Not Spayed/Neutered - $13.00 per animal

April 2nd through December 31st each year:

(Payment and current Rabies Certificate must be in hand at the Clerk's Office by April 2, 2024.  Postmark is not accepted.)

  • Spayed/Neutered - $11.00 per animal (proof of Spay/Neuter required)
  • Not Spayed/Neutered - $17.00 per animal

New dogs (newly adopted, just turned 6-months old, or new to Milton):

  • If you are registering within 30 days (of adoption, 6-month birthday, or arriving in Milton) please call the Town Clerk's office to find out the correct fee

Payment Options

Unregistered Dogs

Our goal is to register every dog in town. Please help by reminding your friends and neighbors to license their dogs. If you are aware of an unregistered dog, please contact the Town Clerk's Office, and we can send the owner a delinquent license notice.

If you no longer own a dog - whether it is deceased or has gone to a new home - please contact the Town Clerk's Office to let us know. We will then take it out of our system to not receive the following delinquent license notice.

Dog Pound

Information about Milton's dog pound can be obtained through Animal Control.

Milton's Dog Ordinance