How are decisions issued?

Written decisions are not final until signed by the Chair of the Development Review Board. Decisions are mailed to owners and applicants by certified mail within 45 days of the meeting. Those who have signed in on the hearing sheet will be mailed the decision via regular mail, or by email if requested. The decision outlines: the facts and findings presented at the hearing, conclusions drawn, and conditions of approval (if approved). The Applicant must work with Planning Staff to make any necessary revisions and satisfy All Applicable Conditions of Approval before being eligible to file a plat and/or apply for a zoning permit.

All decisions of the DRB can be appealed by interested persons to the Environmental Division of the Superior Court within 30 days according to 10 VSA §8504. Participation at the hearing is generally prerequisite to the right to a subsequent appeal. Cases heard by the Environmental Division of the Superior Court are heard de novo, or as if they are being considered for the first time.

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