How does the Development Review Board conduct the hearing?

The Development Review Board (DRB) Chair will then read a summary of the project and read the numbered items in the Staff Report, allowing comments from the applicant and anyone else who may wish to speak on that topic. The Staff Report frames questions, conditions and discretionary decisions for the DRB’s consideration and Applicant’s response. Applicant must, at this time, testify on the items and state if they agree or disagree. After the items have all been read, the DRB Chair will generally ask if there are any further comments. If you speak, you must state your name for the record and all comments must be directed to the DRB. Once all testimony and evidence has been heard, the hearing will either be closed or recessed to be continued at a later meeting. No further evidence or testimony may be given after a hearing has been closed.

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13. How does the Development Review Board conduct the hearing?
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