How long does it take?

The law recognizes that land use decisions have far-reaching and long-lasting consequences on the natural, built, social and economic environment of our community. The action of one neighbor can positively or negatively affect the property of a another neighbor, and individual development choices, added together, collectively shape how we live, work, consume, play and move around in our community. In other words, they shape our community. We are here to help you navigate this legal process efficiently and approachable.

  • The Development Review Board (DRB) meets twice monthly and normally reviews 3 to 4 applications per meeting, depending upon their complexity.
  • Complete applications are placed on the Development Review Board’s agenda on a first-come, first serve basis. Contact the Planning Office for availability.
  • All applications must be submitted roughly four weeks prior to the meeting date and deemed complete prior to the deadline in order to meet the legal requirements and the timeline for the Development Review Technical Advisory Committee. Coordinate your submission with the Planning Department.
  • Staff reports are mailed to the applicants the Friday prior to the meeting, and the DRB’s packet is placed online the Monday before the hearing.
  • After the DRB hearing, the Board has 45 days to issue a written decision (24 VSA §4464). Decisions are generally signed at the next DRB meeting.
  • The DRB’s decision can be appealed to the Environmental Division of the Vermont Superior Court by the applicant or interested persons within 30 days of issuance (10 VSA §8504). An approval always lists conditions of approval that must be addressed/met.
  • Once all conditions have been met and the appeal period is over, Plats can be signed by the DRB Chair and recorded, and/or Zoning Permits Applications can be submitted. Once a Zoning Permit has been issued there is an additional 15 day appeal period (24 VSA §4449).
  • Once constructions is complete, a Certificate of Occupancy and inspection is required to close out the project and clear the title in the land records.

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