What is the process?

The review process is as following:

  1. Application Submitted
  2. Application Deemed Complete by Staff
  3. Application Placed on Development Review Board Schedule and Applicant Notified
  4. Community “Heads Up”: Warning or Notice
  5. Staff Report Written, Mailed to Applicants, Posted Online
  6. Development Review Board Hearing Held
  7. Written Decision Issued
  8. If Approved, Applicant Satisfies all Applicable Conditions
  9. Applicant Applies for Zoning Permit and/or Submits Plat for Signature and Recording
  10. Zoning Permit Issued, Construction Begins
  11. Once Project is Complete a Certificate of Occupancy/Compliance Applied for and Issued if the Site Passes Inspection

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6. What is the process?
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