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Milton Dog Park

Subfacility of Bombardier Park West

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Parks and Recreation Ordinance (PDF)


  1. ADA Accessible
  2. Dog Park

Located in Bombardier Park West within beautiful wooded scenery, the Milton Dog Park is a three-acre, fully enclosed, double-gated Dog Park for all to enjoy.

Please Adhere to the Following Rules

  • Use the Park at your own risk.
  • Park is open May - October (weather permitting) from dawn to dusk
  • Dog waste must be cleaned up immediately
  • All dogs must wear a collar with current rabies tag and Town License
  • Dogs showing signs of aggressive behavior must be leashed and removed from the Park
  • No vicious dogs allowed
  • Dogs in heat and puppies under 16 weeks old are not allowed in the Park
  • Owners are legally and financially responsible for any injures or property damage caused by their dog(s)
  • Dogs are to be leashed while entering and exiting the Park
  • Dog handlers must be at least 16 years of age
  • Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult and supervised at all times
  • Limit two (2) dogs per owner in the Park
  • Owner (guardian) must be present and in sight of their dog(s) at all times
  • Pet treats, human food, glass, alcohol, smoking, and vaping are prohibited
  • Report unlawful activity to Milton Police at 802-893-2424. In case of emergency, call 911
  • All rules and ordinances governing the Town of Milton are applicable

Pet Owners Must Adhere to the Town Parks and Recreation Ordinance

Section 23 Pets

  1. Any person bringing a domestic pet within park boundaries or on multipurpose paths shall keep the pet on a physical leash or under the owner's immediate personal supervision and control. "Under the immediate supervision and control of the owner" means that the pet will obey the commands of the owner and that the pet is at all times prevented from causing injury, damage, disturbance, or annoyance to park property or other park users. Police K-9 animals are not considered pets and are exempt from the provisions of this Section. Similarly, qualified service animals under the Americans with Disabilities Act are exempt from the provisions of this Section.
  2. No exotic animals are permitted at any park unless part of an authorized event or program.
  3. No person shall bring a pet into an enclosed park building except with the express permission of the Recreation Director or as part of an authorized program or event.
  4. Any pet not under the immediate personal supervision and control of a responsible person or any pet creating a disturbance or nuisance may be restrained, confiscated, or removed from the Park by authorized personnel.
  5. Animals are not permitted within fenced baseball fields, softball fields, and tennis courts.
  6. No person shall permit a pet for which they are responsible to be in the water of a swimming area or designated water play area, and no such person shall permit a pet to be within the land area or beach area adjacent to the water of a swimming area or designated water play area. Pets are not permitted to enter any natural or constructed body of water except in areas dedicated for such purpose.
  7. Persons bringing pets onto park property are required to carry appropriate material and remove any waste left by their pets.
  8. All posted Dog Park rules and regulations must be followed when using town-owned dog parks.
  9. Horseback riding shall not be permitted in the parks unless approved by the Recreation Director.
  10. No pets shall be unattended.
  11. Current rabies and appropriate inoculation and registration tags must be displayed on pets at all times.