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August 20, 2021 4:00 PM

Possible Traffic Interruption Notice

On behalf of Vermont Gas Systems, we would like to share the following information with you:

“Vermont Gas is currently working on their “Milton Distribution Reinforcement Project”. The Town of Milton is served by a gas distribution system that is broken up into five different subsystems, each being fed by its own pressure regulation gate station. This distribution project connect each of these subsystems together so that VGS can reduce the amount of gate stations to maintenance and potential replacement in the future. The biggest benefit to this project is the added redundancy. Currently, each of the systems is fed by one single station, but this project allows the systems to be fed by at least two gate stations which increases overall reliability of all the systems. Another benefit of adding this distribution main is giving nearly 100 additional homes and businesses access to natural gas and additional streets/roads to expand down with 2-inch distribution main. “

Tentative work schedule:

Poor Farm Road - August 23 to August 31
Manley Road - September 1 to October 1
Route 7 South - October 4 to October 12
Field Ridge Road Development - October 13 to October 20
Red Clover Way - October 21 to October 25
The cross country piece from Field Ridge to the River - October 26 to November 15

Thank you!

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