Proposed Public Works Facility

The Selectboard for the Town of Milton is reviewing plans to build a new public works facility, subject to voter approval in 2022. The proposed development consists of the construction of a new single-story, approximately 30,000 square foot  public works building and a 14,300 square foot salt shed on a 6.7 acre donated parcel of land. 

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Why does the town need this facility?

The needs of the town have outgrown the existing facilities on Ice House and Kienle Roads. The proposed new facility offers several improvements: 

  • More storage space to shelter large equipment helps prolong the life of that equipment and reduces daily time spent moving vehicles in and out of the garage. This means the plows get out on the road faster each day!
  • Planned features include a wash-down bay to clean damaging chemicals from vehicles and equipment, again prolonging the life of the equipment.
  • The larger, dedicated storage shed provides an environmentally friendly solution for storing salt, liquid deicer and other materials needed to keep our roads safer for driving in the winter.

Learn more about the conditions and challenges of the current facilities:

Milton Town Garage Video Thumbnail Opens in new windowMilton Town Garage Video >>

Why should the town do this right now? 

This is an ideal time for the town to address this need. In addition to the opportunity to use American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding to expand infrastructure, the town is also scheduled to pay off the fire station in FY24 and interest rates to borrow are at a historic low.

Why this proposed location?

The proposed location for the new facility is a 6.7 acre parcel of land, adjacent to the municipally owned Bombardier property, which has been generously donated by the Brault family. This location is central to town, which is beneficial to prevent wear and tear on town vehicles and to prolong the need to add another plow route. Having a large enough campus to house all necessary staff and all building and grounds equipment was a key consideration in plans for this development.

Estimated Project Cost

The following estimates are based on information received in December 2021:

Anticipated Construction Cost: $6,500,000
Total to Finance: $5,500,000
Interest Rate: $2.70%
Term: 30 yrs
Annual Payment: $307,166
30% from Impact Fees: $92,149.80
Current Annual Debt Payment Retiring in FY24 (from General Fund): $31,000
Increased Expenditure to be Paid with Tax Revenue: $184,016.20


If you would like to share your thoughts on this project, please contact the Town Manager:

Don Turner, Jr., Town Manager
Email Don Turner, Jr.
More Information


The Selectboard continues to monitor preliminary work on this project. Watch for continued discussions on this project at Selectboard Meetings, and look for it on the Town Meeting Day ballot in March 2022.


Watch this page for updates on the proposed Public Works Facility.

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