Round One: Desserts

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Round 1 Star Baker

Congratulations to the Round 1 Star Baker: Mychella Daily! The judges, Pupcakes Bakery Chef & Owner Richard Edwards and Recreation Commissioner and local baker Sharon Radtke, called Mychella's work "beautiful, impressive, and outstanding" with a "good texture & flavor combo" and the "WOW factor".

Eliminated Round 1

Unfortunately we have to say goodbye to four bakers this round. Bakers Brooke Commo, Danielle Brigham, Michael Chouinard, and Susan Gardecki have been eliminated but should be very proud of what they accomplished!

Signature Challenge

12 Chocolate Desserts
Bakers may create any dessert they like, but there must be 12 and the star ingredient must be chocolate. Bakers must take care that all desserts be the same size. This is a chance to show off their favorite recipes and creativity.

Showstopper Challenge

Decorated Pie
The pie can be of any flavor and type (fruit, custard, etc.), but must be a dessert pie. The pie should be pleasantly decorated – this is the Showstopper Challenge! Bakers must take care that their pie is evenly baked – no soggy bottoms!


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Addy Bartlett's Signature

Addy Bartlett Chocolate Raspberry Mini Cake

Addy Bartlett's Showstopper

Addy Bartlett Very Berry Pie

Addy Bartlett

Signature Challenge: Chocolate Raspberry Mini Cakes

Rich chocolate ganache over a moist chocolate cake with a whipped, creamy raspberry center.

Showstopper Challenge: Sweet Berry Pie

Sweet, tart raspberry and blueberry pie filling with a butter and flaky crust. This was Addy’s first time baking a pie!

Cathryn St. Peter

Signature Challenge: Mini Triple Chocolate Cheesecake

A rich, velvety dark chocolate cheesecake topped with a creamy chocolate mousse. Garnished with chocolate sauce and chocolate chips.

Showstopper Challenge: Honey Walnut Pie

Crisp layers of flakey pastry, a light taste of honey and toasted walnuts, married with tart slices of tangy apple. Embellished with apple roses glazed with raspberry preserve.

Cathryn St. Peter Showstopper Pic

Danielle Brigham

Signature Challenge: Delicious Dessert Pasta

Creamy rich hazelnut sauce over chocolate pasta. Topped with raspberries and sweet & light homemade cream.

Showstopper Challenge: Cherry Sunflower Pie

Light, thin crust filled with sweet & refreshing cherries. Topped with hand-cut sunflower pastry petals and a chocolate chip center.

Danielle's Signature

Cathy Hartley's Showstopper

Cathy Hartley's Showstopper

Jenny-Beth Cook's Signature

Jenny Beth Cook Signature

Jenny-Beth Cook's Showstopper

Jenny Beth Cook Showstopper

Marcelyn Knapp's Signature

Marcelyn Knapp Signature

Marcelyn Knapp's Showstopper

Marcelyn Knapp Showstopper

Mychella Daily

Signature Challenge: Palha Italiana

Soft and chewy Brazilian homemade caramel chocolate meets crunchy cookies & pecans. Topped with elegant mirror glaze and pecan decoration.

Showstopper Challenge: French Cranberry Apple Pie

A homemade basket crust with a unique filling of fresh cranberries that bring tongue-tingling tartness to the classic apple pie. Topped with pecan Streusel and apple decorations filled with airy vanilla-apple whipped mousse.

Pia Yarnell's Signature

Pia Yarnell Signature

Pia Yarnell's Showstopper

Pia Yarnell Showstopper

Susan Gardecki's Signature

Susan Gardecki Signature