Reappraisal Completion 

New England Municipal Resource Center (NEMRC) has completed a reappraisal of all real property in Milton as of April 1, 2022. Over the past two years NEMRC have inspected the properties and entered the information into a Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) system. Many changes in property values have occurred since the previous reappraisal in 2006, and many properties have undergone substantial physical changes.

Please consider your appraisal to be at current market levels. Previous assessments are statutorily required for reporting, but have no bearing on the current assessments. Current Use values, utilities and veterans exemptions are not included in the listing.

Many Thanks

We have met with many individuals over the past couple years, and would like to thank the people of Milton for their kindness and assistance during the completion of this important project.

Reappraisal Completion Documents

Reappraisal Overview

The Town of Milton has hired New England Municipal Resource Center (NEMRC) to complete a reappraisal of all property in Milton for the 2022 grand list. The last reappraisal in Milton was completed in 2006. Since that time a lot of changes have taken place, from physical changes to market valuation changes.

Over the past 5 years values in Milton have increased more than 3% per year; sales from the past 6 months are even higher. Even though the assessments of improvements over time have been maintained, the base property data and valuation system is out of date. These value changes, along with the physical changes for the last 14 years, highlight the need for a reappraisal.

The purpose of a reappraisal is not only to value properties at market value, but to improve the equity across all properties. Many properties will increase in value, some will decline in value, and several will see little or no change.

For more information or questions, please contact the Milton Assessor’s office at 802-893-4325 or email the Assessor's Office.

Documents & Forms

Helpful information related to property values and the reappraisal process.