What are the regulations?

The Unified Development Regulations are the primary ordinances used in development review and enabled by the State’s Planning Statute 24 VSA 117. Other documents, such as the Comprehensive Plan (PDF) or Public Works Specifications (PDF) may also be considered, where applicable. The application forms identify the main review criteria that will be used by staff, and the Town’s staff will review the application according to all regulations that correspond with the proposal. While the Town aims to make the expectations as predictable as possible, the complexity and uniqueness of many applications can mean that some unexpected items can only be identified and resolved during the process itself.

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1. What is development review?
2. Which applications require development review?
3. Who does development review?
4. What are the regulations?
5. What is at the discretion of the Development Review Board?
6. What is the process?
7. Does Milton do a pre-application consultation?
8. How do I submit an application and what does it cost?
9. How long does it take?
10. Who can participate in a hearing?
11. Where can I see the details of a proposal?
12. Do I need to sign in?
13. How does the Development Review Board conduct the hearing?
14. How does the Development Review Board vote?
15. How are decisions issued?
16. What are the public notification requirements?