Reappraisal Completion & Grievances

New England Municipal Resource Center (NEMRC) has completed a reappraisal of all real property in Milton as of April 1, 2022. Over the past two years NEMRC have inspected the properties and entered the information into a Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) system. Many changes in property values have occurred since the previous reappraisal in 2006, and many properties have undergone substantial physical changes.

Please consider your appraisal to be at current market levels. Previous assessments are statutorily required for reporting, but have no bearing on the current assessments. Current Use values, utilities and veterans exemptions are not included in the listing.

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The tax rate will be set after the completion of formal hearings and after the State finalizes the statewide rates. Do not equate a change in assessment with a change in tax amounts; as the grand list increases, the tax rate declines.

Every effort has been made to equitably assess property in Milton. Please compare your property with similar properties and with properties that have sold over the past three years.

Hearing Process

Informational Hearings are an opportunity for a property owner to review the data and new value with an assessor from NEMRC. Informational Hearings will be conducted either by phone or in person at the Milton Fire Station, on June 6 - 10, 2022 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Please call the Milton Assessor’s office at 802-893-4325 for an appointment.

Formal Grievance Hearings will be held at the Milton Fire Station on June 20 - 24, 2022 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Formal Grievance Hearings will be by appointment only and will last 15 minutes. Be prepared to present relevant evidence regarding the appeal. All appeals must be in writing. An Email to the Assessor's Office is an acceptable grievance request. Please complete a Reappraisal Grievance Appeal Form (PDF) and include with your written letter, or attach to your email. Please call 802-893-4325 for an appointment. Letters must be received, and appointments made on, or before, June 20, 2022. If unable to attend, your appeal will be based on the information provided in your written grievance.

Many Thanks

We have met with many individuals over the past couple years, and would like to thank the people of Milton for their kindness and assistance during the completion of this important project.

Reappraisal Completion & Grievance Documents

Reappraisal Overview

The Town of Milton has hired New England Municipal Resource Center (NEMRC) to complete a reappraisal of all property in Milton for the 2022 grand list. The last reappraisal in Milton was completed in 2006. Since that time a lot of changes have taken place, from physical changes to market valuation changes.

Over the past 5 years values in Milton have increased more than 3% per year; sales from the past 6 months are even higher. Even though the assessments of improvements over time have been maintained, the base property data and valuation system is out of date. These value changes, along with the physical changes for the last 14 years, highlight the need for a reappraisal.

The purpose of a reappraisal is not only to value properties at market value, but to improve the equity across all properties. Many properties will increase in value, some will decline in value, and several will see little or no change. In general, an overall increase in the grand list typically results in a lower overall tax rate.

NEMRC will be updating the data by completing exterior inspections (measurements, pictures, etc.), and using interviews or video to collect interior information. We will be mailing postcards to notify property owners of inspection areas street by street. After inspection, each improved property will receive a code to access and verify the basic data (not values) using the NEMRC Online Property Data Verification system.

For more information or questions, please contact the Milton Assessor’s office at 802-893-4325 or email the Assessor's Office.

Reappraisal Field Review & FAQ

Commercial Income & Expense Survey

NOTE: After completing the Commercial Income and Expense Survey, save it, and then use the submit button at the bottom of the form to email to the Assessor.

Where Will NEMRC Be & When?

Beginning Monday, 9/13/21: Beach Rd, Cadreact Rd, Clements Rd, Ethel Pl, Everest Rd, Godiva Ln, Happy Valley Rd, Hart Springs Rd, Henry Rd, Hope Ct, Ida Way, McCormick Pl, Mile Rd, Notting Hill, Phyllis Dr, Shale Dr, Stonebridge Rd, Sunridge Blvd (North and South), Temple Dr, Viewpoint Ln, Woodside Dr, Wrights Bay Rd, York Cir, Zips Pl

Beginning Tuesday, 9/7/21: Abbey Ln, Algonquin Reef Rd, Beebe Hill Rd, Bezio Rd, Camp Rich Rd, Champlain Ln, Cold Spring Rd, Eagle Mtn Harbor Rd, Everest Beach Rd, Misty Bay Rd

Beginning Monday, 8/30/21: Access Rd, Bear Trap Rd, Catamount Dr, Circle Rd, Long Pond Dr, Lovely Ln, McMullen Rd, Pep Pl, Rebecca Lander Dr, Rugg Ave, Streeter Brook, Willy's Ln

Beginning Monday, 8/23/21: Abare Ln, Cliffside Pk, Costello Rd, Cub Rd, Delma Dr, Flat Iron Rd, Gravelle Rd, John Rowley Rd, Lamphere Rd, Lionheart Dr, Marcoux Rd, Mears Rd, Morgan Rd, Morse Pl, Oglewood Dr, Rainbow Pl, Route 2, Sampsonville Rd, Sanderson Rd, Shadow Dr, Sonya Rd

Beginning Monday, 8/9/21: Alma's Pl, Armand Dr, Basswood Dr, Cary Dr, Christine Ct, Corral Dr, Dixon Rd, Hibbard Rd, Ira Pl, James Dr, Joy Rd, Juniper Ridge, Kim Ln, Lake Rd, Lena Ct, Manley Rd, Miller Ct, Murray Ave, Paddock Ln, Sawyer Ln, Sawyer Ave, Slim Brown Rd, Smith Rd, Sugarbush Rd, Truax Dr

Beginning Wednesday, 7/14/21: Route 7 South/North, Shore Rd, Kilburn Rd, Arthur Ln, Edgewater Ter, Summit Way, Howard Dr, Eddy Pl, Black Locust Dr, Crest Dr, Grandview, Lake Rd, Jonzetta Ct, Sally Way, Elmer Pl, Real Rd, June Way, Poor Farm Rd, Sheldon Rd, Highland Ave, Overlake Dr, Shamrock Way, Shannon Way, Pinnacle Dr, Deer Run, Quail Hollow, Thrush Dr, Red Clover Way, Milton Falls Ct, Water Wheel Way, Cardinal Dr, Walker Rd

Beginning Wednesday, 6/16/21: Railroad St, School St, North Rd, Fox Run Ln, Steeplechase Ln, Hunting Ridge Ln, Quarry Ln, Harvest Ln, Shotwell Rd, Hillside Pl, Fitzgerald Pl, Westview Ct, Adams Pl, Maranda Dr, Hidden Meadow, Timber Ln, Hughes Ct, Cooper Rd, Riverside Dr, Brandy Ln, Richie Ave, Village Dr, River St, Cherry St, Cleveland Dr, Turner Ave, Aurora Ln, Maplewood Ave, Main St, Kienle Rd, Saw Mill Rd, Sunset Ave

Beginning Wednesday, 5/26/21: Bedard Ln, Bernier Rd, Blondin Dr, Brookside Dr, Caldon Ln, Clay Ridge Rd, Cody Rd, Cross Rd, Devino Rd, Dustin Dr, Erling Dr, Forest Rd, Garden Pl, Hailey Dr, Hardscrabble Rd, Horseshoe Cir, Leclaire Dr, Martell Rd, McGrath Ln, North Gardens Ln, Reynolds Rd, Ted Rd, Westford Rd

Beginning Friday, 5/14/21: Moss End Dr, Trayah Dr, Barnum St, Bradley St, Wood Ct, Mackey St, Atrium Way, Herrick Ave, Baker Ln

Beginning Wednesday, 4/21/21: Duffy Rd, East Rd, Marrs Hollow Rd, Riparian Way, Rollin Irish Rd

Beginning Monday, 4/5/21: Jerome Pl, Wells Rd, Hannah Beth Ln, Cobble Hill Rd, Roberts Ct, Lela Mae Pl, Whitney Pl, Mayselwood Dr, Fuller Rd, Mackenzie Ln, Rock Ledge, Gardner Rd, Galving Hill Rd, Tuckaway Pond Rd, Wright Farm Rd

Beginning Friday, 3/12/21: Birch Ln, Doris Dr, Duck Ct, Erin Ct, Hillary Ln, Kingsbury Crossing, Pleasant Pl, Shady Ln, Shirley Ave, Villemaire Ln, Whisper Ln

Beginning Thursday, 2/11/21: Russell Cir, Leslie Ln, Bombardier Rd, Emile Dr, Hobbs Rd, Winter Ln

Beginning Wednesday, 2/27/21: Woodcrest Cir, Meadow Rd, Griswold Dr, Hemlock Rd, Kingswood Dr, Pinewood Ln, Beaverbrook Rd

Beginning Thursday, 1/14/21: Kapica Ln, Pecor Ave, Rita Way, Sparrow Cir

Beginning Monday, 1/11/21: (CONDOS only at the following locations) Atrium Way, Aurora Ln, Boysenberry, Gilbert Sq, Hailey, Kim Ln, Erin Ct, Herrick Ave, Hummingbird Ln, Kingsbury Crossing, Lapierre Dr, Main St, Merrill Ln, Milton Falls Ct, North Gardens, Racine Rd, Railroad St, Red Clover Way, Ritchie Ave, Sanderson Rd, Shirley Ave, Villemaire Ln, Water Wheel Way, Willy's Ln, Winter Ln

Beginning Friday, 1/1/21: Landfill Rd, Wildwood Dr, Johnson's Ct, Haydenberry Dr, Strawberry Ln, Raspberry Ct, Stacy St, Edward St, Germain St, Ellison St, Lamoille Ter, Kendra Dr

Beginning Tuesday, 12/1/20: Checkerberry Sq, Chrisemily Ln, Clifford Dr, Country Ln, Green Field Way, Field Ridge Rd, Mason Dr, Sammanikki Circle

Beginning Monday, 11/30/20: (CONDOS only at the following locations) Appletree Ct, Checkerberry Sq, Cherry St, Donald Dr, Evergreen Dr

Beginning Monday, 11/2/20: Roy Ct, West Milton Rd, Orr Ln, Valley View Dr, Jackson Ln, Jones Ln, Lacasse Dr, Stewart Ln, Watkins Rd, Pine Harbor Rd

Beginning Wednesday, 10/14/20:  Lauren Dr, Andrea Ln, Butternut Cir, Sidesaddle Dr, Bartlett Rd, Legion Rd, Racine Rd, Forbes Rd, Partridge Ln, Lawnwood Dr, Route 7 South (951-474)

Beginning Wednesday, 10/7/20:  Allen Dr, Clapper Rd, Gonyeau Rd, Ledge Dr, Petty Brook Rd, Precast Rd, Punch

What is the status of the project?

November 2021 Reappraisal Project Update

October 2021 Reappraisal Project Update

September 2021 Reappraisal Project Update

August 2021 Reappraisal Project Update

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June 2021 Reappraisal Project Update

May 2021 Reappraisal Project Update

April 2021 Reappraisal Project Update

March 2021 Reappraisal Project Update

February 2021 Reappraisal Project Update

January 2021 Reappraisal Project Update

November 2020 Reappraisal Project Update

October 2020 Reappraisal Project Update

Inspection Process

NEMRC will begin the reappraisal of Milton starting in October 2020. The inspection process will be evolving over time. In the meantime, the inspection process needs to continue. We will need to complete new measurements and sketches, and take new pictures. We will be completing data verification interviews and internal video verifications. In addition, NEMRC has developed an Online Property Data Verification process (OPDV) that allows property owners to view and verify existing data. The OPDV can be found here.  Instructions on how to use the OPDV system can be found here.

The following inspection process will be utilized:

Mail Notification of Inspection Area to Property Owners

Postcards will be mailed postcards to notify property owners that appraisers will be in their area over the next few weeks. Each appraiser will have an ID to identify them as a NEMRC staff person. You may also notice signs on the vehicles of NEMRC staff. 

Inspection Process

NEMRC appraisers will complete exterior measurements and take new exterior pictures. In order to verify our data we will provide multiple opportunities for property owners to provide accurate data.

Property Owner Home at Time of Inspection - Do Exterior Inspection and Provide Five Options

  1. Complete interior inspection using video technology *
  2. Complete interview of property characteristics on site
  3. Make appointment to complete phone interview 
  4. Have property owner send pictures of interior **
  5. Create appointment for tour of dwelling using video technology *       
  6. Leave property owner OPDV Codes to review data

If a remote video tour and interview are desired, the property owner will be given a phone number or email address to request a time and date.

Property Owner Not Home at Time of Inspection - Do Exterior Inspection 

  1. Leave Doorhanger with OPDV Codes for Data Verification
  2. Provide email or phone for phone interview
  3. Provide email or phone for Video Tour

* Information collected using video technology, whether a Google Meet or video walkthrough, is not retained after the video session

** Pictures sent to the Town of Milton become public information.

Documents & Forms

Helpful information related to property values and the reappraisal process.