Consumer Fireworks Permits

Paperwork for consumer fireworks permits (residents only) can be obtained at the link below or by calling the Public Safety Department during regular business hours (802-893-6655, option 2). Applicants must provide proof of homeowners insurance and permits are not valid until approved by both the Fire Chief and the Police Chief.

Town of Milton Consumer Fireworks Permit Application


The Town of Milton has strict terms and conditions that must be met. Any application for a permit certifies they have agreed to the terms and understand them fully. To avoid issues with permit approval please review the following points of emphasis.

  • An application must certify that the fireworks display are is 500 feet from the nearest residence. This will be checked on publicly available maps and non-compliant applications will be rejected regardless of past approvals.
  • Your permit can may be void at any point by an Officer of the town (Police, Fire, Health) based on a variety of factors.
  • Because of the 500 foot restriction many properties in the village area will not be approved for a consumer fireworks permit.

Questions? Please contact the Police Department directly at their non emergency number.